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Friday, 11 April 2014

Bangkok 2014 Day 5

Date of travel: 21.03.2014

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Vicious virus was spreading among us on our last day in Bangkok.  My cough and King Luis's sore throat got worst.  My sis and baby Karsten was running fever on and off.  Die die need to enjoy, got the whole world's time to collapse on bed when back to Singapore.

Breakie at 9.30am.  My plate.

King Luis's.
Breakfast buffet in the hotel was great.  But didn't want to eat too much.  Need to reserve stomach space for other food.

On our way to Big C Supermarket.  Passed by some stalls.
Motorist in orange vest was actually a private transport.  Saw a few picked up passangers and drove off at this very same spot.

Mad cheap, singlets and tank tops which I wonder why I didn't buy any >.<  Feel so stupid now.

Reached Big C Supermarket but got "stuck" at a Wacoal Lingerie shop.   Bought 3 bras, cheaper than Singapore, satisfactory!  Headed to the pharmacy next to the supermarket.  Bought cough medication,   panadol substitute, some lozenges and a couple of disposal face masks, all for 100 baht only.

Some pics in Big C Supermarket.

Food is really affordable in Thailand.  Grilled fish 35 baht.

Packed rice meals 29 baht.

Wanted to buy some tibits home but King Luis was not the least bit of interested.  So we walked out with a few packet of sweets only.

Before we left the building, chanced upon Beauty Buffet.
The shop was pink and delicious!

Bought some stuffs, gotten a free  pink PVC tote bag.
I was almost beyond recognition with a hat, specs and face mask.  So I took off my hat, main purpose of show off my OOTD -
Grey top - Siam Square night market 200 baht
Lace denim shorts - Pratunam Market 100 baht
Black plumps - Platinum Mall 280 baht
Waahaaahaa.... cheap and nice enough!

After this, we went back to the hotel to pack up and check out.   We need to leave for the airport mid-noon for night flight, so it would be better not to wonder off too far away.  We had reserved the remaining time soley at Platinum Mall.

Lunch was also at Platinum Mall's food court.  It was newly renovated, much bigger than it used to be.

The food court uses "cash card" payment, which can be purchase over these counters.
It looked like bank counters lolxx....

We ordered lots of food to share and ate a bit of everything.

Crispy Pork rice 100 baht.
King Luis quite like it and finished almost everything.

Sticky Rice with mango 100 baht.
Mango was sweet with a tinge of sour, generous creamy coconut milk was poured over sticky rice.  One mouth of mango, one mouth of sticky rice....... heaven.....

Quail's eggs 35 baht.
Bought it becos' it's cute and the kids could share among themselves.

Custard puffs 49 baht.

This was crazy delicious.  Soft fluffy puff with bursting vanilla cream at each bite.
 Managed to eat one before the kids wiped out everything.

Kway Chap 50 baht.
Very different from Singapore.  Portion was small (which was good, too big I no stomach space liao)  I chose my own ingredients, egg, tofu and fried pork belly.  Everything in one bowl.

I hope I got the prices correct cos' the receipts were all in thai, I sort of "match" the time printed on the receipts with the time of the photos :P

After lunch was massive shopping in the comfort of aircon in Platinum Mall.
Wanted to buy couple's -shirt from this shop, but they insisted minimum purchase of 2 sets, so gave it a miss since the salesgirl also not too keen in her sales.

I spend most of my time in a shop called HOOK on the 4th floor.   They sell clothes with nice material, good workmanship and with sizes!   The salesgirl wore a big smile and gave me everything to try.  I was very busy, very distracted, very excited, very happy with the apparels and the salesgirl's warm service. Did not take down the unit number nor a photo of the shop >.<   Will post up the nice clothes from them in a separate blog post =)

Vending machines outside the washroom.  Didn't know pregnancy test kit is as essential as sanitary pads and tissue paper >.<

Was quite happy with my loots although my purchases were not  as much as my previous trip.   Everything went into the luggages nicely.  We left for the airport by taxi early to beat the traffic.  Journey was smooth, from  Novotel Platinum Hotel to the airport was 400 baht.
Paid 10 baht to weigh my luggages, surprisingly, they did not exceed, good.

No make-up selfie.

Poor Karsten, not  well too...

Fun selfie with King Luis.

Made a browse at the web-site, there were some recommendations for Kin Japanese Restaurant & Ramen.  My bro-in-law was craving for fast food, so we "kidnapped" Janelle and settled our dinner here before boarding.

It's not a posh restaurant, interior was simple.

Pork Steak set with rice and drink 465 baht.

Wanton Ramen 265 baht.

Janelle comic :P~~

Chashu Ramen 265 baht.

Food was pretty decent, but nothing in particular to rave and it's expensive. 

Departing hall....

Pic taken before landing.  We saw a red colored moon which I wasn't able to capture it into the camera.

Landed safely at around 10.30pm.   Hubby aka chauffeur was there waiting, he looked like a big bear, wanted to give him a big hug like what people does in TV.  Fly away or fly back must miss miss kiss kiss and hug hug, making airports a place with emotions and affections.   But then he bo chap, walked off pushing the trolley of luggages with him -___-   "Walk faster lah, you not tired I tired leh, so late already..." I totally gave up on educating him into a more romantic person..... but he is still an old cutie in my eyes ^.^

King Luis and I didn't get better over the weekend rest.  Went to the doc, both bills was a big bleed close to S$100.

Bought travel insurance from ACE Insurance.   But it was only at this point, we realised that they only cover medical during travel period -___-   Even the lousiest travel insurance I had bought covered medical 3 to 7 days after travel period.   So, our medical bills were not claimable.

My friend's experience with them wasn't any better.  Her flight delay more than 12hrs, they compensate only S$100 when others compensate around S$300.   For flight delay, while others are claimable with 6hrs delay, ACE Insurance can only claim after 12hrs, she told me.   Went online for a quick search, which I could had done before making this big mistake of buying from them, there were so many "victims", more than 95% of the reviews were negative.   Wonder why they never close down.

To sum up, I lost my wallet (I never report police), got sick, not able to claim a single cent from this good for nothing ACE Insurance.  It cost me more than S$30/pax for their useless travel insurance, it was as if I didn't buy travel insurance at all.

Perhaps people buy from them as they compensate the most in event of death, handicap etc.   For that, my own life insurance is enough, who needs such travel insurance from ACE, good for nothing.  No, rephrase they are good at cheating and it's legal.  So, wise up, don't put your money in the wrong place.

Got over with that wicked and worthless insurance company, I am really glad that my Bangkok/Kanchanaburi wasn't just a 吃喝玩乐 (eat, drink, play only) lame trip.   King Luis and I trekked, drank water from the river, of course we did normal city stuff like watching movie, we shopped and ate, above all, we had each other.

My occasional blurness had brought King Luis and I closer, he seemed to had grown up a bit.  I want to do the same to my elder son Darren too (excluding the drowning part).

I love the thrills of my "first times" in this trip - 1st stay at Novotel Platinum Mall, 1st trek to Erawan Waterfalls, 1st time in my life almost drowned in river on elephant ride, 1st time lost wallet on a trip, 1st dinner cruise on Grand Pearl, 1st time to Pratunam Market and many 1st tries on food.  If you had read my previous entries, you must be laughing till breathless now.   Every friend I meet will laugh at me, sigh.... I know I am a bit absurd....., alright, I will be more careful next time, heehee....

Bangkok is too alluring.  Just 2hrs flight, literally just a stone throw away, making it a really desirable destination, especially for an "informal pauper" (real pauper have no money even to buy food) like me, heehee.....  Hope to go back again, this time I hope to travel by train to Ayutthaya to visit the temple ruins.

Just look at this pic I found, cool right?  I need to be there!
  Either  a sponsorship dropped from the sky or I save up.  The later is more realistic, so I am working towards to this, my non-ambitious little target.

Thank you for reading my 5 days Bangkok/Kanchanaburi travel blogs , hope the informations are useful in some way or at least made you laugh.

Monday, 7 April 2014

Bangkok 2014 Day 4

Date of travel: 20.03.2014

This post is a continuation from:
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Slightly late this day, breakfast at around 9.15am.
My breakfast plate, with lots of greens and fruits.  I three days never poo poo liao T___T

Handsome or not?
OOTD - Straw hat from Siam night market 200 baht,
Moustach T-shirt 150 baht from Khao San,
Also denim shorts 100 baht bought 2 years back ^.^

From the hotel's lobby, we went into Platinum Mall from this escalator and the money changer was right in front.

After changing some thai baht, tried my best not to get distracted, but still, I bought 2 pairs of flats before we managed to walked out of Platinum Mall to Pratunam Market.
King Luis, my dear son, was very patient.  Not once he ask me to hurry up like most boys/men would.  He also carried all my shopping bags in his backpack, no grumbles.

Me:  Luis arh, after what had happened for the past few days, are you angry with me?

King Luis:  A little bit.

Me:  You still dare to travel with me or not?

King Luis:  Can lah, but you don't come up with adventurous itineraries, just stick to normal shopping and eating can or not?

Me:  Luckily you are safe and sound, if not I'll die.

King Luis:  Mummy, you can't die.  You are the most important person in the family.  We can't do without you seriously.

Me: heehee.... (I put my arm around his shoulder, walking.  It's awkward, cos' he is taller than me.  But I like it.  It was like yesterday when I used carried him in my arms.  How did he just grow until so big from a little bundle in my arms?  He's such a big boy now...)

King Luis:  A family is not a family without mother.

My eyes started to well up.  Despite of me being so screw up, he could still say such sweet things to me.

Me:  Our family will not be complete with you too.  

King Luis:  Really? (A sheepish smile spread on his face, I handsome cute baby boy...)

Me:  Of course!  You are part of the family and Baby, mummy love you.... (nose welling up also)

King Luis:  Ya lah ya lah, walk faster lah.... (Just in time to stop me from crying in public.  He's a mini version of his father.)

Finally walked out.  Along the road was one stretch of stalls with pink canvas shelters.

Perhaps zebra crossing doesn't work, 2 traffic police officers were there.

Took a quick snap at the junction.  This is the 24hrs Mcdonald just beside Novotel Platinum Hotel.

Couldn't wait to explore this market.  Yes, it's was our first time here.

Some pics in Pratunam Market.

Meanwhile, we were looking for a famous wonton noodles.  The google map was pretty useless, we asked people along the way.

Randomly took some pics along the way...

Krung Thong Plaza, where King Luis bought a hat at 150 baht.  Scroll down and there are pics of him wearing it.

It's so freaking warm, walked until my slippers gave way.  Luckily got new shoes in King Luis's bag.

Found it at last!!

SabX2 Pratunam Wanton Noodles
4/32-33 Soi Petchburi 19, Pratunam Bangkok Thailand
Tel: 66 2 653 9618
Opening Hours: 9am - 4pm daily

Besides, wanton noodles, they have braised pig trotters/intestines with rice which I regretted not trying.

Inside were aluminium tables and plastic stools.  But who cares!  Most importantly, this eatery got AIRCON!  Life-saving aircon you know!

Also a funny sight, almost on all tables, there was this stick of "housefly catcher".

50 baht each bowl.  The portion was very little, great for tea-break but definitely enough for hungry lunch.  2 bowls were equivalent to our 1 bowl serving here, so we ordered 3 bowls to share.
Dry noodles were literally dry without any seasoning except for a bit of lard oil.  We added in chilli flakes and light soya sauce for some taste.

There were generous amount of little crispy pork lard cubes which I love.  Their wanton were made of solely minced pork fillings which was different from Singapore's.  Our's we added minced watercress in our mince pork.  While the companied side dishes were compliments, the main star was the super Q and springy egg noodles.  

After lunch we decided to walk back to Platinum Mall from another direction.
Chanced upon Shibuya, a shopping mall with blasting cold aircon with less crowd.

Lost........ and the google map was not helping.

King Luis saw a "promising" building, so we walked over the bridge to the other side of the road.

Pantip Plaza was "COMPUTER" for King Luis and simply "A&W" for me.

Pantip Plaza = Bangkok Sim Lim Square but a more intensive scale.  King Luis said he found heaven -____-

There were numerous shops selling all sorts of spare parts for computer.  While they didn't look familiar, King Luis was totally fascinated.

King Luis gotten his Razer Abyssus [Mirror Edition] gaming mouse at 890 baht.
He acted cool in front of camera.  Off the camera, he was grinning from left to right and right to left.  With that he walked out of Pantip Plaza with no regrets.

There was no way we could walk pass a A&W without going in.

We were not hungry, but just need to eat a waffle, 70 baht.

It was a relieve when we realised that Pantip Plaza was just next to Platinum Mall.  Here's my heaven, heehee....
I did not buy blindly like a desperate mad woman this time.  I wanted to get clothes with good material and workmanship, presentable enough for me to wear when attending events.  Not too fruitful with only an hour's time.

Freshened and dressed up cos' we were going on Grand Pearl Cruise for dinner!
OOTD - Satin op with abstract prints 100 baht (Siam Square)
Gauze skirt with satin hem 200 baht (Platinum Mall)
Sling bag (can't remember price at Platinum Mall)
Ballerina flats 280 baht (Platinum Mall)

We reached River City, the jetty at around 6.35pm, almost an hour early.  Grand Pearl Cruise was scheduled to arrive at 7.30pm.

There were many other brightly lit boats having dinner cruises as well.

These ladies pinned on orchid brooches for tourists and the photographer snapped photographs which were later sold on the cruise.

We sat down, watching the boats passed by, let the breeze brushed our faces till we nearly doze off.

As the sun sets, it got more crowded at the jetty.

My sis asked how's our cruise like, I told her to look at this board.  She forgotten that it's my first time to Grand Pearl Cruise also >.<

 We waited and waited for our Grand Pearl.  Saw many other cruises with people dinning inside.

We so scared to miss our cruise....

Then, Grand Pearl made a grand entrance to the jetty with saxophone... EXCITED!!
It was the biggest cruise we saw the entire night, HAPPY!!  It better be good cos' we paid 1500 baht/pax leh.

My cameras and smart phone can only produce this photo quality during the nite.  The night scenes were really nice but couldn't capture, what a waste, sigh.....
Anyway, crews with smart uniforms greeted us, atas cruise.

"Elvis Presley"!!  Waahaaahaaa......

Here's a short video of it.

My sis booked inside seatings.  Waaaa.... wanted to scream at her sia!

I want to sit at the deck, more romantic!  She asked me: Have you take into consideration how windy it is outside?  You want to eat dinner with wind, then risking Karsten jumping into the river?"  True enough, when the cruise started to sail out, it was very windy.  It's more comfortable inside.  Active and energetic Karsten was bouncing up and down the couch.  If we were at the deck, we would be able to eat in peace lolxx...

 Buffet dinner started with a impressive live band.

Salad spread.

Western and asian dishes.

Fruits and dessert counter.

Took little bit of everything...

The live band and the fantastic male singer was captivating.  He has got a very soothing voice that we enjoyed very much.  There were a couple of traditional thai dances too.

After we had our fill of dinner, we went to the deck to enjoy the breeze and scenery along Chao Phraya River.

Still a bit upset over my lousy cameras, but here are the night shots.  Do a google search, you will be able to see photos professionally taken.  The scenery was pretty spectacular.  Nevertheless, here are my very own photos for my own remembrance.

Rama VIII Bridge 475m in length and 160m height.
We drove through this bridge to Kanchanaburi.  2 years back, we travel pass this bridge as well to Maeklong Railway Market.  You may read about it HERE.

We sailed pass 2 low bridges.

This was so low that we almost could touch it!
It happened to be low tight, if it's on a day with high tight, passengers on the deck would have to sit or squat down.  Couldn't explain the thrill lolxx...

Another very beautiful sight would be Wat Arun Temple.  The intricate architectural was breathing taking.  I need to visit it to take a closer look if I visit Bangkok again.

We booked this Grand Pearl Dinner cruise from our hotel Novotel Platinum's travel counter.  It's 1500 baht per pax and 1000 baht for child, including to and fro transport from hotel.  It was a good and relaxing 2hrs experience but do not pin too high hopes on the buffet spread.  It was decent, but there wasn't any indulgence with absence of seafood and beef, no salmon, no oysters, no crab, no crayfish, a bit disappointed -.-  To make myself more comfortable, I would divide the cost of 1500 baht into 3 parts - transport/cruise, buffet and the music/dance entertainment.

The day ended with night coughs for me and sore throat for King Luis.  But Day 5, which was the last was still good, I didn't want to come back.......  Drafting these blog posts for the past few days made me miss Thailand so badly.   There are so many places that I missed out in Bangkok, let alone Kanchanaburi... When can I earn enough to travel again?...

Thank you peeps for reading ^.^